Rational self-defence for women

Triumph of Will and Honour

"Triumph of Will and Honour" - a film about the rational self-defense for women.



Hello. Will has always been the engine of human development.

Before as well as now.

I am the author of the movie “Triumph of the will and honour” Rational self-defence for women. If your health as well as your life are threatened in a critical situation, you must defend your self confidently and decisively.

The first and most important rule is to maintain self-composure. Use the natural weapons of your body: felt, knees, fingers, elbows, hands…

Act with the element of surprise.

Fortune favors the bold!

Are you ready to defend yourself?
Do you want to perfect yourself with this course?

Why this Course?

The video course will give you confidence!
Help for you


  • You have no longer to be afraid of sudden attacs.

  • Your kick and hit skills will be improved to another level.

  • Your body will react to the cares very soon.

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